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You're the hero, our data is your power

You're the hero

At iD4me we empower you to be a hero by serving your data needs. Our search, append, verification, and marketing services allow you to reach new heights by leveraging our high-quality, compliant, and secure data. 

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We are true visionaries, changing the way people connect

Our data is your power

Let our data do the work for you. Being pioneers in the industry, we constantly update our systems and discover new ways to empower our customers. Whether it's cutting costs, creating new leads, identifying new markets, or simply finding a match for the right person, we have long-serviced data solutions for the finance, real estate, and marketing industries. We believe that anyone and everyone can benefit from our data. 

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We are Data Aggregator Software experts with over 35 years of experience.

We are pioneers in the data services software industry, having built several platforms currently used in large enterprises. 

People search

A web-based user search interface uses one single search bar to deliver fast and accurate results. Use names, numbers, addresses, emails and locations to find lost connections and verify a person's identity.


Data List Engine

A web-based user interface to conduct functional lists for marketing purposes. Create customized lists based on demographic, sociographic, and geographic information. All records are already opt-in and marketable directly to consumers.

Data cleanse

Our one-of-a-kind data washing portal is fully automated and self-serviced. Capable of matching millions of customer files within a few seconds, the system will match detailed results followed by a summary and download link.


End-to-end digital identity verification. API’s: for IDV, eKYC solution. AML & CTF compliant. iD4me is currently a trusted source for eKYC checks and provides this service in bulk format.


Foward thinking solutions

Being solutions-focused means our systems are built to evolve with the needs of our customers. Partnering with us, we become an integral part of your business and we understand the importance.

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We help you form genuine connections, find lost friends and expand your clientele base


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We offer suitable plans to meet your business and personal needs. Our products and services are designed to be flexible and fit around your work. 

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