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Please enquire with sales about our Consumer marketing API

There are two main tasks that you need to complete to access the API. You need to get your JWT Bearer Token, and you need to add it to the HTTP Request header of your requests

Getting the bearer token
As part of your welcome email, or support, you would have received a client id and a secret,

prepare a json fragment like the one below, and POST it to the following endpoint

 curl -X GET
     --header 'Accept: application/json'
your ClientId
             &clientSecret=your ClientSecret'
Our identity provider will return a new JSON payload like the one below, and it will contain the bearer JWT.

        "access_token": "
<JWT Bearer>",
        "scope": "
<expiry time>,
        "token_type": "Bearer"

Using the Swagger page
Swagger is the best way of testing out API

We have included a Swagger page for you to test your API... Or you can use postman...

Enter the bearer code with the word bearer before it into the API key textbox in the top right hand corner...

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