Data Solutions for Real Estate

Get insights on demographics, customer behaviour, market insights and data to build your clientele base. 

Real estate insights

Leverage our unique data points to build your clientele base, gain insights on listings and connect quickly with potential sellers and buyers. With our coverage of data, you can match addresses with owners, contact details and more. 

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Use Cases

Listing insights

Gain real-life insights using id4me find's interface, ownership details, property details, and characteristics.

Competitive edge

Stay ahead of competitors in your area by accessing consumer audience data points and property details.

Bridging the gap

Bridge the gap between you and potential customers by getting up-to-date and relevant contact details. 

Increase Contact rate 

Increase your contact rate with our useful data insights providing you with the necessary contact details.

Build clientele base

Grow your clientele base by accessing phone numbers, emails, and addresses to build rapport and grow connections.

Demographic insights

Data points including age, gender, locations, income, property details and more


Find out how others in the industry are using our data.

A.H - Ray White

"I got this email for another list of contact data, I was about to delete it and thought id have a look. Turns out there's heaps of contact info that we never expected of potential clients in our area. Gold! Worth every cent."

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