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Wash & Append

Clean your data with up-to-date and accurate information to best utilize your database.

Use Cases

  • Wash and Append data
    Many of our large mercantile and finance companies use our data to update their current records, making it easier and more reliable to work with. 

  • Make use of updates

Having updated data is important for efficiency, reliability, and connecting with consumers. 

  • Marketing
    Small and large marketing companies use our data cleanse tool to update their records. The most important feature is our up-to-date contact details. 

  • Speed up the process
    Washing and appending your data with us can happen in a 24-hour period. We pride ourselves on getting results back to you fast. 

  • Our cutting-edge technology allows you to upload a file seamlessly, match the fields and let our system append and correct your data. You will receive new emails, mobiles, addresses, and any other contact data required.


  • The iD4me wash portal delivers results within a few hours with a summary of updated and appended new data.

Street function

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Reliable data

  • Not only are our systems reliable but our data is updated constantly to ensure high match-rates and accurate records.

See details of associated people

  • All collected data in our database is up-to-date and cross-referenced, ensuring highly reliable and accurate results. A comprehensive personal data profile is matched including emails, phone numbers, addresses, date of birth, and other residences if required.

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