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Frequently asked questions are answered here.


Q: Can I pay monthly, and is there a minimum sign-up period?

A: Yes! With our professional subscription, you are billed $130 monthly, and you can cancel anytime. However, annual and bi-annual billing works out to be cheaper.


Q: Do you have data for everywhere in Australia? Including regional areas?

A: Yes! iD4me Find can be used Australia-wide. We have data for both regional and metro areas.


Q: Can I reverse search for any information?

A: You can type in names, numbers, DOB, emails, addresses, and street names to find information.


Q: Can I contact people using the data?

A: Yes. All data is washed on the DNCR (Do-not-call-register) and is updated regularly.

5. Q: Can I download and export the data?

A: Yes, you may download ten records at a time. This data can be exported as an excel spreadsheet or a PDF.


Q: Do you have data in NZ

A: Yes, we have New Zealand data. You can easily switch from AU to NZ in the system.


Q: Is it user-friendly?

A: Yes, all you have to do is type in any street name, number, name, or address into the search bar and hit enter. Use the tabs to navigate through the data.


Q: Does it have homeowners and tenant information?

A: Yes, the property tab shows you the history of the property occupants and more information.


Q: Do you have court data?

A: Yes, this information can be used for background checks, rental properties, and hiring new agents.


Q: Can I see a whole street?

A: Yes, you can search the name of a street, and every person on that street will be shown; this is a popular function.

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