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Warmer conversations with prospects

With the market slowing down every conversation counts. But we know that can be hard, especially with little insight on the person.

We spoke to an agent who said all of her latest appraisals are credited purely to having better conversations.

She says that she and her colleagues have been focusing on ways to engage better with potential sellers, and having insights before calling has been key.

"I would say that other than increasing our contact rate, we've been able to close on more appraisals purely from those conversations, where we know what tone to have prior to the call... it's really important"

For this agent, knowing minor details are often what matters. Knowing a person's age, income, location, ownership details, and history are all key. This helps her strategize beforehand, build rapport naturally and close on deals.

She's not keen on sharing her secrets, but she did give us a few more tips on how she uses iD4me.

Cross-match details if the seller is hesitant to give out details

With our data coverage, cross-matching can be as easy as entering a name and getting an address, phone number, and email. All within seconds. Our reverse search system allows you to enter any detail into one search bar and get instant results.

Top-to-bottom view

We update our data constantly so you can see recent changes in the market. See if a house has sold, or where a person owns other properties to find out where they might be looking.

Contact old clients

Easily reach out to old clients you've lost contact with. Many of our customers have said they've been able to increase their contact rate, and re-gain lost customers.

Having reliable, comprehensive, and accurate data is becoming increasingly popular and important in Real Estate. iD4me will give you immediate access to that data with a self-sufficient interface that allows you access to new customers anywhere, anytime. Identify new prospects, inform your marketing and sales strategy and go beyond your current reach.

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