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Property data and why it’s important

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Identify warm leads and attract more customers.

The top real estate agents across the country have already figured out how to leverage data to expand their business. They hunt out the best data and use it to snatch up potential sellers and buyers before anyone else.

"We are now able to contact prospects that we never had access to before, it allows us to appraise more properties in our area and increase our contact rate! We also are able to contact old customers we had lost contact with. We love this tool!.” - C.H Collings Real Estate

We've spoken to some of our top performing agents and although they're hesitant to share their secrets, we've uncovered the top 3 ways they're using our database to identify new leads and generate sales.

The top 3 ways Real Estate Agents are using data:

Identify prospects who are most likely to buy

Some of the best leads you can find are those who already have their homes on the market and are looking to switch agents. Our database allows you to look up an address and match it with contact details to follow up.

Inform your content marketing

Use data to identify prospects and gain access to their income, marital status, and family members. Get a 360 view of those potential customers to have a better idea of what they could be looking for before you even know them.

Use data beyond your local area for new leads

With comprehensive and relevant data you can widen the reach of your business. Property data can give you an upper hand over other agents who don’t have the same information. With property insights all across Australia matched with contact details, the potential for new leads outside of your zone is limitless.

Having reliable, comprehensive, and accurate data is becoming increasingly popular and important in Real Estate. iD4me will give you immediate access to that data with a self-sufficient interface that allows you access to new customers anywhere, anytime. Identify new prospects, inform your marketing and sales strategy and go beyond your current reach.

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