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Real Estate Sales Script

The best cold calling scripts from Insil. Use this proven script in your cold calling strategy to complete sales.

GateKeeper & Bypass

Hi [name] it’s [agent] calling from [company]. How are you today? Can I speak to [decision maker]?

-- Skip, [If Home Owner] --

Decision Maker Intro

Hi [home owner] it’s [agent] calling from [company]. How are you today?

[home owner] do you mind me asking, are you keeping an eye on the value of property in your [suburb]at the moment?


[home owner] the reasonI ask is because we have several buyers currently looking at properties in your [suburb/neighbourhood]

Do you mind me asking, if the price were right would you consider selling in the next [time period/month/week]?

Objection Map -- Um/Argh – [May require objection/rejection map]

IF YES Outcome (Positive)

That’s great to hear [home owner], [email/form submit/phone purchase/calendar booking]

IF NO Outcome (Negative)

Can I ask why? Did I catch you at a bad time? Can I grab your email address and send you through some information in case you’d like to discuss this in the future? [Confirm email].

Handle Objections For NO (-) Outcomes Objection Map

----------- Closure Phrase -----------

Thank you for your time on the phone today, reach out if you have any questions.

Source: Insil Homepage. 2022. Best cold calling scripts. [online] Available at: <> [Accessed 6 July 2022].

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