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Search by street

The street search function is one of the best features an agent can use in iD4me.

Type a street name into a search bar, and you'll get a list of results for a whole street. Homeowners, tenants, contact details, and a history of who used to live at the property.

Why is this helpful?

Significantly increase your call connects.

If you've recently sold a house, you can reach out to others on the street to do an appraisal. It's a quick and easy way to increase your call connects and generate more appraisals.

Download and export the list of homeowners

The system allows you to download and export a list of contacts. This way, you've got the data handy to make calls and update any old data in your database.

Recover lost contacts (e.g., orphaned data)

The benefit of searching a street is you can recover lost contacts in your database and cover more streets in your area. The data includes expired listings and absentee owners.

If you're interested in using iD4me get in touch today.

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