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Three ways to use data to get results

So, you've got your hands on a super speedy data tool iD4me Find that gives you the ability to find anyone, anywhere. But how can you take advantage of it? We'll talk about three ways Real Estate agents are using this tool to get better results every day. Here are three simple but effective tips you can start using now.

1. During an open home

Once you've got people in the door, you can use this tool to quickly search for the person using a name, email address, or phone number. You can get an idea pretty quickly of what they might be looking for using their current location and property details. From there, you can use those pointers to engage the prospect, or even have a few other properties in mind that they could be interested in.

2. Do an appraisal for a street

After selling a house on a street, use the street search function to get details for everybody else on that street to reach out to them. An easy but simple way to do more appraisals and work your patch.

3. Contact homeowners to get listings

You drive past a house and notice a house has been for sale for a while now and the current agent can't sell it. Simply use this tool to look up the address, find contact details for the homeowners, and contact the owners to get the listing.

There are three simple, easy ways to use this data to be one step ahead of everyone in the game. To book a live demo of the platform or learn more visit

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